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Move to the front and center with your search engine presence. At The SEO Los Angeles, our PPC management immediately drives traffic to your website while letting your business become known.

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Target the Right Audience

Use PPC to immediately connect to those looking for you through online searches.

Dominate Search Position

Before organic results, there is PPC. Use our services to dominate your online position.

Get More Sales and Leads

PPC places you in front of the traffic looking specifically for your business.

What Is PPC Management?

Pay-per-click (PPC) sends targeted ads to those who are searching for specific services or products. It puts your business in a higher position then Organic SEO. It is the first thing the searcher sees! Managing PPC includes targeted keywords, ads that convert higher click through rates and making sure you are building momentum to your website.


Even though your information is seen on search engines, PPC presents you differently. You are immediately placed at the top or side of search engines for better visibility. More important, your ad highlights exact key terms, assisting with higher click through rates to your website. If you want to reach traffic faster, then PPC is the way to stand out in a position ahead of others.

PPC Management

PPC Management and Optimization Process

Keyword Research

PPC campaigns are driven by central keywords that place your ad in front of the right audience. One of the largest mistakes businesses make when using keywords for PPC is based on not finding the right target by the audience or with information that someone looks up.

At The SEO Los Angeles, we make sure your ads are found and drive direct traffic to your site. Our PPC packages identify what you need to stand out in your industry. We combine this with keyword research to drive targeted traffic to your website. Our focused strategies place you in the top position while pulling targeted traffic to your business products and services.

Custom Tailored Landing Pages

If the traffic lands on the wrong page, it reduces conversion rates, sometimes drastically. Increase your sales with custom landing pages designed to get results. With our landing pages, you increase conversion rates by up to 50%, specifically with design, strategy, conversion methods, content and calls-to-action that are designed to upsell your products and services.

We focus on each landing page using unique branding while identifying the selling points your traffic is looking for. By targeting the specific needs of your customers, you attract and retain the attention you deserve. We make sure you reach the top and maintain traffic to your site with high conversion tactics with custom landing pages.

Campaign Creation

Not only do we focus on the central keywords that drive traffic to your site. We establish messaging and a complete follow-through for your target audience. Leverage your PPC ads with targeted campaigns and turn your traffic into trusted sales.

We create and optimize campaigns and look at every step you need to move from traffic to conversion. We focus on materials and tactics for every step users need from cold traffic to a final sale. With PPC campaigns, you tactfully highlight your products and services and increase your sales by using a complete approach.


Let every part of our marketing efforts maximize your results. We make sure your ads, as well as related materials, are optimized for best results. We focus on targeted keywords and content that is designed to build your presence. We move optimization even further with tactics that are on your site or through connected materials, allowing you to leverage even more from every campaign.

Optimization strategies are known to increase traffic and conversion rates by 25 – 50%. When working with targeted and focused approaches, you see even more results with every ad you place online. We take your online materials to the next level so you can get a greater return.

Monitoring and Analytics

We monitor all the campaigns for immediate and continuous development that allows you to stay ahead. If there are issues with your ads, then we fill in the gaps and build results that go to the next level. With our monitoring process, you know you are reaching new levels of success.

The analytics process we use identifies the details of every PPC campaign. We look at goals, traffic and conversions with each ad. We monitor the exact footprint used with our online approach while finding ways to enhance the tactics that are working for you. Our top professionals work with you to support your success.

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