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Local services map locations with a digital pathway to websites. We put all signs in place to drive traffic to your website for local recognition.

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Why Local SEO?

Over 50% of those searching online are looking for local results. When you identify your location, you immediately target those who are already searching for your business. By using local listings, you attract your target market to your business while standing apart from other competitors that are in your neighborhood. Boost your online strategy by going local.

How Do I Benefit?

Using Local SEO increases brand recognition of your business in your neighborhood. As a result, it positions you online while attracting customers to the doorsteps of your store. You also increase your online presence with the Google 3-pack listings, maps, and directories.

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Local SEO Pricing

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Our Local SEO Process

Analyze Current Presence and Website

Before you set your local road signs in place, define where you need to direct your target audience and how you want to get them to the next stop. We don’t begin with basic SEO, but target and map out the direct areas where you need to post local signs and attract traffic to your website.

Our analysis looks at your current ranking, places we can instantly target and enhancements on your website that make a difference. We steer your presence forward by setting direct initiatives that are designed to build a stronger online presence through the use of Local SEO.

Making Sure Your Contact Info. is Accurate

Just like the print in the Yellow Book, you need the right information for others to contact you. This impacts your customer base and online traffic. It also hurts your rankings if the listings are incorrect. We make sure your contact information is accurate and up-to-date which helps increase phone calls and foot traffic to your store.

Not only is the contact information important for traffic. Search engines also look at the consistency of your information. If it is not streamlined, then it results in losing ranking and online positioning. We are interested in how search engines read your information and your site. With our specialized support, all pathways lead to your site.

Keyword Planning and Targeting

Turn your local products and services into a highway of traffic. With keyword planning, we create a strong influx of traffic to your website. Our keyword planning services get you ahead of the crowd and guide others to your website. We look at competitors and popular terminology so your website moves up quickly in the search engines.

Not only do we look at keywords that assist with local and niche marketing for fast positioning, but we target each keyword based on your business. It’s important to highlight what makes you unique based on what traffic is looking for. We get you to your destination with targeted keywords designed to get results.

Google My Business Optimization and Management

There is no stronger online road sign than your listing on Google My Business. When it comes to local searches, this level of optimization is paramount for you to reach top results. We make sure your business results maintain their ranking and are effectively optimized. We use best practices to help you reach the top of these listings and to stay ahead of competitors.

Our experts at The SEO Los Angeles, continuously monitor and accelerate your business listings, allowing you to constantly build results and to remain ahead of your competitors. We take the path that leads to higher numbers in traffic, all which allow you to build your business presence and to stay ahead on the road to complete success.

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Citation and Link Building

A known SEO rule is to develop ways that others navigate to your website. By creating signals, you move up in ranking and get more traffic. Citation and link building processes increase traffic to your website and to assist with targeted leads that are interested in your products or services. Our citation and link building services assist in speeding up the process of others finding you and building into effective results.

We use the best SEO practices with all citation and link building. We focus on relevance and ranking to guarantee higher placement and to get your website noticed. Our top professionals know exactly how to build effective results and to peak traffic to your website.

Optimization of Yelp, Yellow Pages and Other Relevant Directories

Online local listings have a direct impact on traffic that finds you. It’s not basic search engine listings that make a difference in building your online presence. It’s also the parallel road of high-quality directories and review sites. Traffic refers to these sites as much as they do to general search terms they are looking for, specifically when it comes to local listings.

Not only are directories and listings important to drive traffic to your website. Search engines look at the number of quality listings you have as a relevant factor in ranking. Listings on more high-quality sites increases your authority, allowing you to get even more traffic on the road to your website.

Monitoring and Ongoing Optimization

At The SEO Los Angeles, we always keep you on track with your project process. Monitoring your website allows us to see the clear track to upgrade and maintain your rankings. We look at every detail of your website, specifically to offer enhancements to your website and for the local rankings that are working. This gives the road signs we need to continue improving your rankings.

We not only assist with monitoring but also continue to offer optimization to your website. Technical details to content all make a difference in how search engines read the relevancy of your business. We make sure that you stay front and center with your services and products while continuing to upgrade your website.

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