Landing Pages for PPC

Stand out from the crowd and convert traffic to leads and sales. Landing pages are a powerful formula to leverage PPC and to maximize your return.

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Landing Page for PPC
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Why Do I Need a Landing Page for PPC?

When a user clicks on a PPC ad, the follow-through needs to be similar to your initial projection. This showcases your products and services and has higher rates of conversion. Each landing page uses specific tactics designed to sell. At The SEO Los Angeles, we build landing pages for PPC that transforms your traffic to loyal customers.

What If I Don't Want a Landing Page?

At The SEO Los Angeles, we are interested in tactics that result in success. While a landing page isn’t required, we know it increases conversion rates and results by 80%. If it interferes with your approach, then we’ll create stronger calls to action throughout your website. Incentives that attract and retain your audience leverage PPC campaigns and support your business growth.

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What Are The Benefits of Landing Pages?

Better Goal Targeting

Landing pages are known to increase conversion rates from traffic to leads and sales. When you use a landing page for PPC, you can set specific goals for prospects that are interested in your business. If you are ready to build profit with Google Ads, then direct your audience to a specific page that allows cold traffic to become warm.

When you target goals, you focus on what your leads want, guiding them from an ad to engaging with your landing page. For instance, downloading guides, collecting leads in return for an offer, providing free quotes or calls to action all connect you to your customer. With a landing page, you nurture your leads, allowing them to move from a PPC ad to a potential sale.

Increase Converstions

Let the investment in your online business turn into higher profit margins. We know the top tactics in the industry and we follow Google’s Best Practices to turn traffic into final sales. Targeted methods to increase conversions include:

    • Aesthetics
    • Content
    • Calls to Action
    • Design Specifications
    • Layout
    • On-page and technical SEO

These approaches are designed to get results. Increase your rates of success instantly by accelerating your approach and working with The SEO Los Angeles.

Before we start any project, we look at the message you need to convey in relation to your brand identity. A consistent message that translates from PPC attracts and retains your target market. We know what it takes to build momentum with your business so you consistently meet your goals.

PPC Works Better with a Landing Page

Websites are designed to provide information about your company. They are defined by targeted strategies, design and approaches to convey information. When you have a landing page, your call-to-action is present and is a central force to the PPC campaign you launch. Maintain the interest of your traffic and stay aligned with the unique message you offer!

It is known that landing pages perform better with PPC than websites, increasing conversions by about 80% or more. The consistency with messaging and central goals accelerates your conversion process. When you strategically outline your campaigns, you can expect better results. Our landing page approach starts an endless cycle of success.

Better Goal and Conversion Tracking

Don’t get lost in the world of online sales. Tracking where and how your traffic converts helps you climb the ladder of success. Often, website owners look at general traffic going to their website. When you have targeted goals from PPC to landing pages, it changes everything. Know where your traffic is coming from and what they responded to and how effective your campaigns are. These sophisticated tracking methodologies monitor your success and improve your results.

The SEO Los Angeles goal and conversion tracking methods identify the details from traffic. We look at click-through rates, responses to landing pages and goal conversions. We use this to leverage your campaigns while building momentum to your website for accelerated results.

Improve Brand Awarness

The core of your message to your audience creates a perception about who you are and what you offer. Without a targeted message, momentum stalls when building your online business. We are interested in results for your business while creating a strong digital position that you can build from.

All landing pages and ads combine your central, core message with brand awareness to get results. We are interested in the long term development and recognition of your company through our marketing efforts. We use a potent formula to reach your target audience and stand out from the crowd with your brand message. Our campaign focus on PPC and landing pages that gets you to the results you need.

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